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Top Products — No Substitutions

Wound Care Resources can send your outpatient or nursing home patients the products you want them to use. This eliminates the need for your facility to supply expensive dressings for home use, saves the patient time and money and increases compliance.

  • The WCR Commitment: We will send your patient the products, amounts and sizes you have requested with no substitution of inferior products.
  • We accept assignment. We handle all the paperwork and bill the patient’s Medicare B, commercial insurance or Medicaid. Secondary insurance is billed for the amount primary insurance does not pay.*
  • Our one-page order form is simple, organized and easy to use. Simply have the patient and the physician sign the form, and fax it to us along with the patient’s demographic sheet and your treatment notes. Orders received before 2:00 CST will be processed that day.
  • Confirmation and Tracking – We will fax you a confirmation that your order has been received and processed, track the order, and call the patient to confirm delivery of the correct products.
  • Shipping by UPS – all orders are delivered to your patient’s door in one to two working days (depending on location and prompt support from commercial insurance carriers).
  • No telemarketing – we keep calls to a minimum and will not call your facility asking for orders.

*Deductibles and co-pay may apply.
WCR follows strict Medicare guidelines and abides by HIPAA privacy regulations.

Confirmation and Tracking for Every Order
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